Technical Details

    Every EPIRB has its own 15 character hexadecimal code, which identifies it to Rescue Co-ordination Centres. When an EPIRB signal is received by the Standguard Guard Receiver, it checks whether the 15 character code is that of one of its own ship's EPIRBs, or that of another ship. The hexadecimal code received is then displayed on a liquid crystal display on the front panel, and a warning lamp lights to indicate whether the code received is recognised as "Own Ship". If the code is not recognised as "Own Ship", then the warning lamp indicating "Other Vessel" is lit.

    It should be noted that the Standguard Receiver will only pick up transmissions from other ships' EPIRBs when they are nearby (within visual range). It is not designed as a Search & Rescue device and has no radio direction finding capabilities. It is however useful to know that another ship in the immediate vicinity is transmitting an EPIRB alarm signal, since if the alarm is an inadvertant one, it will often be possible to inform the ship concerned that she is transmitting an EPIRB alarm. (If the alarm from another ship nearby is genuine, this would normally be obvious by observing the ship visually.)

    Setting-up the Standguard Guard Receiver is as easy as programming a Video Cassette Recorder. The hexadecimal codes of the ship's own EPIRBs can be input automatically by operating each EPIRB (in TEST mode only), while the Standguard listens for the signal. Alternatively, it can be done manually using the buttons on the front-panel. Stored data can be added-to or deleted as required. The Standguard EPIRB Alarm is easily fitted to a bulkhead in the wheelhouse.

    Antennabuilt in antenna and optional External antenna
    Antenna cableRG58 or equivalent
    Antenna connectionHard wired to PCB (pig tailed) (No BNC needed)
    Input impedance50 ohms
    Sensitivity0.25 µV SNR measured at 12dB SINAD
    DemodulationPhase ± 1.1 radians
    Alarm >75dB(A) and <85dB(A) at a one metre.
    Power requirementInput 9v to 36v (12v or 24v nominal) dc (any polarity)
    Dimensions180mm high x 130mm wide x 60mm deep
    Weight600 grams
    Data Output PortEN61162   compatible data output